Master Details (with email) of Indian Companies Incorporated in Last 30 Days

List of Newly Incorporated/Registered Companies and THE DETAILS OF INDIAN COMPANIES INCORPORATED IN LAST 30 DAYS. A facility has been made available to the general public to view master details of any company/LLP registered with Registrar of Companies.

Master Details (with email) of Indian Companies Incorporated in Last 30 Days
Master Details (with email) of Indian Companies Incorporated in Last 30 Days
Master Details (with email) of Indian Companies Incorporated in Last 30 Days

In India Ministry of Corporate Affairs ( under which Registrar of Companies (ROC) is being regulated. Registrar of Companies is the body which regulates the administration of the companies Act and LLP act. ROC not only administers the Incorporation of the Companies and LLP but also maintains the record of the concerned documents which are relevant for the public and allows them to be accessed by public at the nominal fees.

The Ministry is primarily concerned with administration of the below Acts and their rules.

a. The Companies Act 2013,

b. The Companies Act 1956,

c. Competition Act 2002

d. The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 &

e. other allied Acts and rules & regulations framed there-under mainly for regulating the functioning of the corporate sector in accordance with law.

The Ministry also exercises the power on 3 major Professional bodies of India namely

a. ICAI – The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India



Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. Sources of Information

3. Issues in current Sources

4. Solution to the Issues

5. Conclusion


If you are wondering How can I view list of Companies/LLPs registered in last 30 Days? Here we shall discuss about the same. In this article we shall discuss how you can get the list of Master details with email address of companies which are incorporated in India in last 30 days or on specific date of the year. In order to get the list of companies Registered with MCA, we shall guide you all the way.

Any Information related to the companies incorporated in India shall be available on MCA and needs to be updated. Ministry of Corporate affairs has the Portal which provides all the information which is necessary to be disclosed in public either free or with a nominal fee. To search for Indian and foreign Companies/LLP’s registered in last 30 days, follow the steps given below:


1. Login to the MCA21 application. –

2. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

3. Under the Master Data Services, click the Companies/LLPs registered in last 30 days.

4. The system will generate an excel detailing down the list of all Indian and Foreign Companies and LLP’s registered in last 30 days.


1. The same report can be accessed from the My WORKSPACE section after login to the MCA21 application.


Here the list of Companies Incorporated in India in last 30 Days are available which contains the Name of the company, CIN, Address, Objective NIC Code, State of Incorporation, ROC details, Date of Incorporation, Category of Company, Sub Category of Company, Class of Company, Activity Codes, Number of Members and some more fields which are helpful to some.

In recent period this has been proved to be the best tool or source of information to the new start-ups as they get an access to the list of the new companies who have recently entered in business and to whom their product / services can be pitched. This can be the list of probable customers of the marketing companies.

Now the issues is we have the name of the companies and Address of companies, How do we connect with them. You cannot reach them at their physical address as we are living in the era of mobile phones, Emails and our life revolves around the technologies. Now the question Arises How to get the contact details of these companies?


Every problem has solution and so are the case here. Government releases the Sheet of the Companies with email address after a month gets over. So lets Take an example current month is April, You an get the list of companies incorporated in March in excel sheet with EMAIL Address of Companies.

Here again the issue arises in the solution that the data will be available after the month is over. For Marketing First Movers has its own advantage as the time has changed a lot. So what you need is the solution which can get you the email address of the companies incorporated with MCA as soon as possible probably the next day or next hours.

Solution 1: Home

Here you have the list of all CIN numbers in excel sheet with you and you can get the details of the companies from the master Details segment of MCA website. What additional Information you can procure is email address of company and Director of Company. But the disadvantage of the same is that it involves lost of manual process which will consume your maximum time procuring the information.

Current Counts of Daily Incorporation of Companies or Lets ask the below question :

How Many Companies Incorporate Daily with MCA Portal - Approx 800 – 1000 Companies are incorporated Every day.

Solution 2: CompData – Finanvo

Here with a subscription to this service can save your lots of time and can provide you the advantage of being the fastest and First ever mover. Under the subscription you get the complete details about the company in a single row with email of Companies and List of directors in addition to the details you could have by downloading the excel sheet from MCA website.

And thus you can take your product to the company which is recently incorporated and let the owners of the companies know about your offerings. You can send your Proposal and your offering explaining them how your products or services will be beneficial or Important to their business.


1. Web development / designing companies

2. Compliance service provider

3. Media Marketing agencies

4. Virtual office services

5. Cloud Hosting services

6. Tax and Statutory Services providers

7. Incubators and Mentors

8. Startup India Service Providers a

9. And lot more..

Conclusion :

Subscription is available online and you can buy any time and start your services. That data is available for all the period. You can export the details of Companies and their Directors with email of Companies in Excel or CSV Format. If you are familiar with the technology you can also fetch the data through APIs directly in your CRM or ERP.

The Subscription are easy to start and has nominal fees against the manual efforts + the opportunities available to showcase your brand to the new entrants of the Market. We hope that the article was helpful to you and have given you the adequate information about all the sources, their Pros and Cons and the best solution for your problem.

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